She wants me for my Hair...and I'm Ok with that

We at Hair Club want you to have the fuller, natural-looking head of hair that you desire. There are numerous types of hair loss and various treatments for each hair loss condition. Luckily, Hair Club offers only proven solutions that can be personalized for your hair loss situation:

Nonsurgical Hair Loss IconNON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT—The key to achieving a natural looking result is our Strand-by-Strand® process. We closely examine the thinning areas of your scalp and then add real human hair in the exact angle and direction of your own hair growth. Next, one of our expert hair stylists will complete your desired look with the cut and style of your preference.

Hair Transplant IconHAIR TRANSPLANTATION—The latest technology in hair transplantation provides natural results that are virtually undetectable, affordable and require little to no down time. Individual follicles can be artistically relocated from hormone resistant areas to help replenish balding and thinning areas with permanent hair that will continue to grow and flourish.

EXT Hair Loss IconEXT® EXTREME HAIR THERAPY—This intense rejuvenation and hair loss prevention program covers all bases. Our EXT® hair loss treatment—which incorporates the FDA approved active ingredient, Minoxidil and other therapeutic agents—works to stimulate hair growth in thinning areas. Your hair is maintained, styled and your progress is monitored monthly.

LaserComb IconEXTREME LASERCOMB—The Extreme LaserComb has been clinically tested and FDA cleared to promote hair growth. An astonishing 90% of LaserComb users were able to see a substantial decrease in hair loss, thanks to its hair follicle-stimulating technology. This breakthrough hair restoration treatment uses laser photo therapy in a safe and effective way to restore your look and your confidence.

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I used to feel self-conscious being active before Hair Club. Now, I enjoy myself when I go to the beach or swim. I'm not thinking about my hair.

Ryan B.

Age 29

Deciding to do something about my hair loss was the best decision I ever made. It changed my life. If your hair loss bothers you, Hair Club can help.

Tom W.

Age 48

I started losing my hair at 18. I have one regret - that I didn't start sooner. Getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Chuck C.

Age 54

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